Bel Kaufman’s Up the Downstair Case, is about the minor traumas, big joys and monumental challenges of being a PS teacher in New York City. The novel came out in the 1960s and is out of print today, which according to Samuel Freedman of the New Yorker, is a pity in an environment where PS teachers are scapegoated for the failures of the system.

Breathtakingly beautiful, but out of reach: San Francisco is now officially the “most expensive rental jurisdiction in the nation.”

Japanese contemporary artist Chiharu Shiota’s art is on display at the Smithsonian, in Washington  D.C.

The installation art named, “Over the Continents” connects 400 pairs of discarded shoes with yarn that’s similar to the strands that now wrap the museum’s gate. 

“Sex, sexuality, is something every single person has to engage in, whether you’re actively pursuing, avoiding, enjoying in the moment or regretting later.”
— Actor Michael Sheen, currently playing the role of famed American gynecologist, William Masters in Showtime’s mesmerizing, Masters of Sex.

The Netflix Economy

Is based on the belief that millennials, the name given to the current generation, value ownership less and “experience” more. Goods and services that help gain experience are hot commodities in this economy. One is more likely to rent a Harley Davidson at a fraction of a cost of owning it, or a car, over a Dyson vacuum cleaner, because the former promises experience at a discount price, while the latter merely delivers cleanliness.